About MaltaVista

MaltaVista offers professional services in the international education sector in Malta and it is Malta's largest education and consulting agency in its field. In addition to the resident offices in Malta and Turkey; through digital channels and from three different geographies, it offers services to thousands of people getting an education program in Malta.

Why MaltaVista?

We are Malta’s Largest International Education Agency:
We are an international education agency with the largest portfolio in Malta. Through our office in Malta, we offer a variety of services to students from over 20 countries coming to Malta. We are the first and the only brand who have an authority to represent more than 50 schools in Malta.

We are Experienced, Dynamic, Transparent and Solution Focused:
We give our past experiences transparently to our students. We are always alerted to produce quick solutions to possible problems. If there is a problem, we can go to our students within 10 minutes.

We Offer On-site Service With Our Malta Office:
As we are also in Malta, we visit and observe our schools and our students periodically on site. We have up-to-date knowledge of our solution partner schools and present them transparently.

We Have a Strong Solution Partner on a National Basis:
With our strong partnerships in Malta, we offer our students many advantages and opportunities which agencies in different countries can not offer.

We are Making Perfect the Malta Experience with MaltaVista.App:
We are perfecting our students’ Malta experiences thanks to our mobile application, which is designed according to the needs and expectations of language school students.

We Have % 100 Student Satisfaction:
We have a % 100 student satisfaction rate so far. We have adopted this as a philosophy of quality and we strive to make all of our future students leave happy from Malta and with the greatest efficiency in terms of language development.

We Love Malta And Want to Present It Correctly:
Personal experiences come at the top of things that make a place nice or bad. We want every student who comes to Malta to benefit from Malta's beauties and offerings, and we strive for it. As Malta is a country that deserves a lot of love and we love Malta.

We Share Our Profit :
We always keep our commercial income behind the quality of service, and we spend most of our income improving our services. With our Affiliate Program, we share our gain with every person and institution that supports us.

We Guarantee the Lowest Price :
Language schools in Malta admit student registration via their own price lists, if any, through promotions. Therefore, all agencies must present these price lists and promotions to their students. It is forbidden for agencies to make discounts on the prices of language schools in terms of competitiveness and quality of service. As MaltaVista, we provide our students with up-to-date and accurate price lists and promotions, and therefore the most affordable prices.

We Offer Free Services and Organizations:
We offer many services and organizations for our students coming to Malta for free, such as airport transfer, travel-health insurance, sim card, internet package, bus card, boat tours, night activities or various activities and sightseeing.

We Provide Online Guidance Service Through Whatsapp:
We are only as close as a message to all of our students. Our students in Malta can get answers to these questions such as; where to go, how to go a place, where to eat, what to eat and drink, which activities to join or miss, what are the laws in Malta through a specially active Whatsapp line.

We Offer a 7/24 Emergency Hotline :
We offer a 7/24 accessibility hotline for emergencies, such as health problems, passport or wallet loss, being lost or being involved in a crime.

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